Businesses that struggle with this COVID-19 pandemic have more reasons to start planning their marketing and sales plans right now. Why? In a period of uncertainty, the best thing that people can do is prepare for the future—even if it looks unclear. Otherwise, if you leave it up to fate, you might struggle to regain your momentum when everything returns to normal. Without any concrete plan, you are similar to a soldier going to war without any weapons. 

Here are the three reasons to create your post-pandemic marketing and sales plan right now:

1. Digital Media Is an Integral Part of the Modern Man’s Life

Digital media have already planted deep roots in people’s lifestyles. Even during the coronavirus season, you can see that people turn to the internet for entertainment, leisure, and work. That will not change even after the pandemic season is over. Digital media provides users with convenience, and people can consume information and content anywhere as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Aside from content consumption, the product and delivery services of digital media are unparalleled. People can buy anything as if they are in the mall. The best part is that they do not ever have to go outside of their homes. With this type of convenience, you can expect that online marketing and sales still have an integral role in every business.

2. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Are Certain

When everything turns to normal, all business websites will experience a sudden spike in consumer traffic. When this happens, sites will attend to a massive number of visitors. If it can’t handle the current load, it will crash—in a phenomenon called DDoS. As such, businesses should prepare for this by upgrading their web hosting plan in preparation for the anticipated traffic surge.

Additionally, DDoS attacks do not only happen in the virtual world but also in brick-and-mortar businesses. People are quarantined inside their homes for more than a month, and when they have the chance to go out to populated places, you can expect that the traffic will look like mile-long queues and concert-like crowds. If your business does not plan preventive measures to accommodate possible scenarios, you might end up denying entry to customers, which might negatively affect your image.

3. Consumers Shift to a More Selective Behavior

With lower purchasing power for consumers affected by job recession and layoffs, the market is more selective of which marketing tactics to entertain. Because of that, companies find it hard to boost sales in the pandemic season. Marketers need to innovate marketing strategies to dispel any objections from the masses. Otherwise, they won’t be able to break past their customer’s walls of opposition.


The world will change once the chaos stops. When this happens, your next steps help determine the success of your bounce back. Remember, even your competition can plan their comeback strategy too, and you don’t want to be left behind. Digital marketing will be more prominent in the business world, so it’s best to incorporate this into your marketing and sales plan to gain a competitive advantage.

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