Placing primary focus on content marketing is integral to ensure success, but web design holds just as much importance when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). While reaching the intended audience is crucial, content creation alone won’t be able to drive results. There’s a balance between web design and SEO that must be achieved, and achieving such will result in traffic and conversions. 

A well-designed website will no doubt further brand identity and retention. If paired well with SEO, the search algorithms will begin to favour your company’s digital marketing efforts. 

Still need convincing? Here are three reasons why you should integrate design planning into your website:

Reason #1: It helps build your brand

Although branding is usually regarded as a more traditional strategy, SEO’s nature is digital, and the two meet to bring wonders to your brand’s success. To build a brand, you need to identify what your company provides, as well as its image to the general public. SEO, on the other hand, generally involves a similar process—create content in line with your target market’s interests and needs, and find a way to earn a reputation through links from other sites. 

If you keep their similarities in mind, you will be able to come up with an SEO strategy with select keywords and with content in line with the image you want. This will then reflect onto your website’s branding, from the logo, images, font, and even colours. Whatever the end product is, it will be responsible for building your brand image. 

Reason #2: You won’t need to pay for ad space

Your website design and development may already be costing so much, as any added security features and creative design is crucial. Adding ad space to the picture can be costly, but with SEO, there will be no need for any ad space. 

Traditionally, you pay a third party company for ad placement, where your ads can be run for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, as soon as the period is over, your ads stop appearing, as with traffic generations and conversions. Through SEO, the traffic and conversions never stop!

Reason #3: It boosts your credibility and authority

The landscape of the internet continues to change drastically, and any sales process that may have been relevant then is now obsolete. Today, consumers already have access to a wealth of relevant resources and information, which aids them in decision-making before speaking to a sales representative. As a company, it is vital that you become part of that learning and decision-making process, and this is possible through SEO optimization.

If you create useful and informative content, you foster trust and credibility with potential customers. Good website design can only do so much. You need to show your audiences that you’re not just there to make sales and drive traffic. Showing that you care through creating well-researched content will impact their perception of your brand and position you as an industry leader.


Consumers visiting your website means opportunities to create impressions, so it’s important to leave them with positive memorable experiences. While web development and design are crucial, you place your business at an advantage by incorporating SEO strategies. These help you achieve higher rankings, which ultimately attracts more potential customers!

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