Social media has been extremely popular for many years. However, it is even more so now, thanks to the pandemic. With people being confined in their homes to avoid unnecessary contact with others, social media has become the top method for communicating and staying updated.

The pandemic has also affected business in similar, perhaps more threatening, ways. Face-to-face interactions and transactions are heavily restricted, but this too is something that social media can address. Many businesses, especially smaller brands, will do well to use social media marketing to overcome the current challenges.

That being said, many other trends can shape how social media marketing will look like this 2020 and the coming years. Here are some of them and what you can expect to happen:

1. Expansion of social commerce

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have been used for years as a way for businesses to sell to customers. This trend of social commerce will only grow bigger as more people head online to buy the products they need, and it may very well be as effective as having an online store.

For your business, incorporating social media platforms in your sales strategies is a great way to reach a broader range of audience to sell your offerings. 

2. Use of short-lived ads

Many social media platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat, offer content that only lasts a few hours before disappearing. These are known as ephemeral content, short-lived content that disappears quickly.

While it might seem illogical to use such a way to share ads, its potential has proven quite surprising in terms of audience engagement. Remember, a human’s attention span is relatively short, and this is the reason ephemeral content is such a hit. It delivers quick and engaging content, and the fact that it will disappear after a while encourages audiences to look.

With this in mind, implementing the use of short-lived ads is another great way to boost engagement and increase brand awareness.

3. Domination of video content

Written content takes time to read and is only for those who have the patience to do so. For the majority of customers, quick access to easy-to-understand information is preferred. For that reason, video content has been popular and will continue to grow.

If you have not implemented video content into your marketing strategies just yet, you must act quickly to keep your business in line with trends. They are a great way to showcase your brand and share information your audience shows interest in.

Plus, the earlier you get the hang of it, the better you can make your content to help you stand out and build a loyal following.


With these trends dominating social media, it is only logical that you apply them to your marketing efforts. If you have yet to implement video content, utilize short-lived ads, or make the most out of social commerce, it is time to do so. These trends will only become more popular as time goes by, and starting early will secure your position as a successful business.

That being said, if you are having trouble implementing these trends, we recommend working with a digital marketing company. With their expertise and knowledge, you can capitalize on these trends and get the results you need to expand your business.

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