Trends that can give value to your business have the potential to last much longer than fads since they can bring a long-term or, in some cases, even permanent change. Meanwhile, fads have widespread popularity that fades away quickly. These both play a major role in the world of marketing.

An essential skill every marketer needs to master is to differentiate a marketing trend from a fad. It gives you an edge from your competitors and helps you avoid depending heavily on fleeting fads that can cause you major expenses. To identify a trend from a fad, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Notice how they gain momentum

A fad has a shallower appeal, which causes it to become popular immediately. It usually just comes and goes. Some classic examples of this are different kinds of diets, a technology like Betamax formats for videotapes, and a catchy song such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

On the other hand, trends gain momentum. They seem unnoticed at first even by the most prominent thought leaders since it takes some time for them to progress and completely become sensible or useful. 

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  1. Consider their purpose

A trend solves problems, sees results, meets the needs of a target audience, and serves a meaningful purpose that will continue to be in demand. They satisfy consumers and work for you as a marketer. Some purposeful trends are social media and mobile phones.  

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  1. Take into account how consumer rights affect them

Consumer rights play a major role in helping you differentiate a trend from a fad. A classic example of this is how consumer rights revolve around privacy nowadays since social media users are becoming more vigilant about the access and use for their information. 

The most apparent changes made to digital marketing related to consumer rights is permission-based marketing. This highlights the significance of consent in marketing.

What Happens When I Misidentify a Fad for a Trend?

Mistaking a fad for a trend can be costly when your team decides to invest too much into it and end up wasting valuable resources, money, and time. However, using a fad can still be beneficial by using them as your material for social media marketing.

In general, social media posts live for a fleeting moment, just like fads. Your target audience moves on quickly after seeing, watching, reading, or sharing them. When this momentary tactic is used currently, they can skyrocket your customer engagement.


Trends and fads should be used to your advantage to achieve your business goals. Make sure to stay informed regarding the popular topics and remember the tips listed above. When you need to utilize trends for your business without any hassle, consider hiring an experienced marketing team.

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