In this time and age, we cannot deny the power of social media. Your business, whether big or small, has to harness the potentials that these social media channels have to offer. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s a need for your brand to have a social media presence. However, it’s more than just creating a business profile and promoting your brand on these platforms. There are a few considerations to make to ensure your brand profile works for your business.

Here are four effective ways on how to create a compelling brand profile on social media:

1. Know why your brand is on social media

Just because every business is taking space on social media doesn’t mean you have to join the bandwagon and immediately take the plunge. Hold your horses! First, you have to understand why your business needs to invade these platforms. Perform due diligence and plan on how you’ll go about using social media. By knowing your main purpose for creating a business account, you’ll be able to reach out to the right market and create an appropriate brand profile for your business.

2. Focus and reach out to your target market

There are various social media channels out in the market. For one, take Facebook having over 2.6 billion monthly active subscribers worldwide. However, you cannot debunk what Instagram has to offer in terms of product promotion through photos or YouTube for service demo through videos. By knowing where your target market is most likely to go or visit, you’ll be able to decide on what best social media channel to use. From there, you’ll be able to focus on your promotion and engage with your audience.

3. Veer away from the corporate language

As a marketer for your business, you may have been accustomed to the corporate language. However, when it comes to internet marketing, you have to avoid this language and speak layman’s terms. 

If you insist on doing so, your brand promotion won’t resonate with your target market. When creating content for your social media accounts, always have your audience in mind. After all, these pieces of information, photos, or videos are meant for your audience. If they find value in what you’re publishing, posting, or sharing, they will end up patronizing your business.

4. Utilize the power of CTAs

Don’t forget to use calls-to-action (CTAs). For the uninitiated, CTAs are lines or images that prompt your visitors, leads, or regular customers to take a particular action. You can incorporate various CTAs on your social media account that trigger an immediate response, encourage sales, or guide your visitors on your channel.


At this point, you now know that it doesn’t only entail creating a business profile on social media. As outlined above, you have to understand your brand’s purpose on social media, engage with your target audience, avoid corporate language, and utilize CTAs. With all these in mind, you’ll have a brand profile that will work wonders for your business.

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