New businesses, especially small ones, may find competing in the online world complicated. Though there are many things to consider and do, they can be broken into small steps you can start with.

To help you, we’ve listed the top-most things every small business should do online: 

1. Create your Google My Business

This is the first step every business, no matter what size, should do. Google My Business is a free tool you can use online to help manage your presence in Google Search, Google Maps, and other online listings. You can add your business information here, such as your business’s operating hours, contact information, and address. You can also add your little story in this section. 

2. Stay updated with the latest trends

A lot of things happen on the internet. For your small business to stand out or at least keep up, you need to familiarize yourself with the current news and trends and see which of these you can use. Once in a while, it is important to take on the hype to improve your chance of getting more clicks and customers. 

Make sure to consider your target market as well. Everything will depend on what age they’re in, what their interests are, and what type of trend will suit their taste.

3. Start focusing on one area

Speaking of your target market, one way to reach them is to identify a smaller portion of this market that you will focus on first. That is called the beachhead marketing strategy. It can also be applied to one chosen product or service you offer, where you can have a product hero. 

Consider allotting a huge chunk of your budget in promoting this selected product/service to your selected audience. This way, you’ll get the results you want slowly but surely.

4. Create an online site or product portfolio

People go online to find a solution to their problems or questions. If you are selling a product or a service, you should have an informative page via a website or a social media platform that includes everything they need to know about your business. Without it, you’d lose a lot of the potential customers you can have. 

The more details they get from your page, the more you care for their needs. You can share your story since they’d be curious about your business. You should also share all the products and services you offer. In this part, consider including all the answers they might ask about each offering. 

Getting ahead of all your potential customers’ queries would reflect how well you know them and how professional you run your business. 

5. Consider Paid Advertising

Though there are things you can do on your own, there are also other effective ways to explore to get your desired result. One is through paid advertising. This method can help your small business reach a wider audience than you usually get through organic searches and clicks. 

You can reach highly targeted audiences even with a smaller budget by using the correct keywords and phrases suited for your business. If your business is local and your target is smaller and within your area, you can be specific on which places you’d like to target. This way, you’d get the right results for the amount you paid.  


Getting started on business would require presence in different platforms, but online is something you should prioritize. Not existing in the online world is similar to not having the business at all. While there’s a lot of things to do, the above-mentioned tips are what you should prioritize.

To make your transition to the online world easier, seek help from an internet marketing team that has a proven track record. 

At Bolt Marketing, we can create online marketing solutions for your small business in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, or other parts of the world. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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