While the internet has given many businesses the ability to reach customers on a global scale, going local is still a great idea. This is something companies, especially newer ones, should always focus on first. That is because there is much less competition when competing locally, and customers are close by and, therefore, easy to reach.

If you are a brand-new business looking to start marketing online and build an audience locally, here is how you can do so like a pro:

1. List on GMB

The first thing you should do when marketing locally is to list yourself on Google My Business (GMB). By doing that, you will show up on maps that display local businesses when people perform local searches. The best part about this is that listing your business on GMB is free, meaning it lets you gain free brand awareness.

2. Start a Facebook business profile

Social media platforms are an excellent way for you to reach and build healthy relationships with new and current customers. One of the best platforms you should consider creating a business profile on is Facebook. This platform lets you feature your brand as a local business. Pair that with a professional-looking page and relevant content, local customers will quickly discover your business and consider what you have to offer.

3. Connect with local websites

While there are many ways you can increase your brand’s exposure, one of the most effective online methods is to reach out to other local websites. For instance, you can participate in local charities, media events, trade shows, and so on. That way, when they create content about you, their audience can learn about your brand, which stirs community curiosity and interest.

4. Look for local directories

If you have already listed your business on GMB, you should also consider listing your business on other local directories. These directories will differ from one another, so you should do a quick search online to find which local directories are suitable to you. Once you discover them, add your business information onto their platforms, but remember to keep the details consistent and accurate.

5. Use the right keywords

While keywords may not be as effective as many years ago, they still have a vital role, especially in local SEO. By implementing keywords that specify your business’s service areas, such as your immediate geographical location, anyone doing a local search can immediately find your website.

Speaking of websites, remember to make sure your contact information is easily accessible on each page. That way, customers will know how to reach you should any of them show interest.


With the help of different platforms, like GMB and Facebook, and other strategies like local SEO, your local marketing efforts will become much more effective. Anyone looking for the products you offer can quickly learn about your business, giving them a chance to reach out to you for what they need.

If you are having trouble setting up your local marketing efforts, do not hesitate to work with digital marketing agencies. They know the tips and tricks in creating an effective local marketing strategy for you, ensuring you get the results your business needs.

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