3 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement – Our Guide

Social media was once a marketing afterthought, but it now plays a crucial part in building your online presence and establishing stronger relationships with your target market. Social media is like a gold mine where businesses – small and established alike – can optimize your marketing efforts to bring more awareness to your brand, especially

3 Social Media Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore

Social media has been extremely popular for many years. However, it is even more so now, thanks to the pandemic. With people being confined in their homes to avoid unnecessary contact with others, social media has become the top method for communicating and staying updated. The pandemic has also affected business in similar, perhaps more

3 Tips for Spotting a Valuable Marketing Trend vs Fad – Our Guide

Trends that can give value to your business have the potential to last much longer than fads since they can bring a long-term or, in some cases, even permanent change. Meanwhile, fads have widespread popularity that fades away quickly. These both play a major role in the world of marketing. An essential skill every marketer

#SocialMediaMarketingValues – What Small Businesses Must Know

If you value your social media marketing, you need to do what it takes to rise to the top. This means having a comprehensive plan in place and maintaining a strong branding identity. More importantly, your business needs to convey its core values to get customers to notice and care. To help you in doing

3 Tips for Making a Web Design That Performs Well in SEO

Your website represents your business in the online world. Considering this, you must make sure that it is designed for the modern age and visible by the people who matter to you.  To achieve this, you need to work on two things: your web design and your SEO. The former has something to do with

How Social Media and Web Development Relate to Marketing

Web development and social media are two sides of the same marketing coin, each with their own levels of mastery and various intricacies in execution. This relationship is especially important in today’s digital age when advertising is complex, and diversifying your approach is now an absolute necessity to succeed.  Social media has become a pervasive

How to Make Your Business Rank Higher on Google – Our Guide

How to Make Your Business Rank Higher on Google – Our Guide As a business owner, you want your company to have a robust online presence. Online marketing, specifically SEO or search engine optimization, brings you that. It helps a search engine rank your website for the value it brings to visitors. Companies looking to optimize

Marketing During COVID-19 – 3 Consumer Trends You Should Know

The coronavirus pandemic affected businesses worldwide. As many startups and corporations are urged to stay home and shift to digital platforms, they are forced to beef up their social media marketing strategies to thrive in the market. This global crisis has devastating effects that created major changes in the business and social landscapes and the

4 Major Steps In Web Design – What To Know

Whether you like it or not, these days, you’d be falling behind your competitors if your business does not have some sort of online presence. It’s almost impossible to do business without having a website or social media profile. For some business owners, it is often the primary way to create awareness and get the

The 4 Best Ways to Win at Local Marketing for Small Businesses

With the users relying more and more on online searches in looking for local businesses to address their needs, it’s imperative for small businesses to be ramping up on their local digital marketing efforts. However, as many business owners will tell you, it’s not as easy as it initially seems. For one, local competition can