With nearly two million confirmed cases and billions of affected people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has established itself as a pivotal force in modern life. Given the sheer effects that the condition brings about and its groundbreaking contagiousness, the virus itself has shaped the way industries work and survive within the span of a few short months. 

Since late 2019, the virus has brought about a sudden change to the operations of every business and its ability to serve the needs of its customers. Canada, in particular, has experienced a tremendous shift in the way businesses in the country work while greatly affecting the economy as a whole. 

From delivery services and airlines to restaurants and luxury stores, no business has been spared from the problems brought about by the pandemic. As the virus continues to rage on and affect economies, jobs, and public health, however, there’s one aspect of business that can survive in dire times like these: digital marketing.

Why the coronavirus is also a time of hope

Thanks to social distancing, the current COVID-19 pandemic offers a silver lining for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers in the form of larger online audiences. In recent weeks, Canadian online users (and users around the world) have experienced a temporary boost in their patience and ability to pay attention given the great amount of time that can be dedicated to staying online.

How you can use digital marketing can thrive in these times

Speculated as a catalyst for lifestyle changes and the way people interact, the current pandemic has inadvertently ushered in more opportunities to effectively market to more customers than ever before. With the current transformational effect taking place on social attitudes, lifestyles, and shopping habits, firms are presented with the opportunity to adapt and keep business running online as usual.

As more and more people are urged to stay home, avoid contact, and follow community quarantine procedures, Canadian businesses must adapt by bringing their services and products to their customers.

Digital marketing now has an audience that is inclined to listen to anything a business has to tell them. If you’ve been thinking of extending your reach and capitalizing on the opportunity at hand with an audience that’s inclined to hear you out, here are a few different ideas you can use ensure success amidst the current crisis:

1. Public online banking donation drives: In times like these, running a donation or charitable effort can greatly help in building your brand’s own reputation based on the social value of charity and proactive service. Additionally, online banking donation drives and food bank runs establish more opportunities to act with your current customers and help them create their own gratifying experiences based on generosity!

2. Ethics-related campaigns and challenges: Another valuable opportunity where digital marketing can be used to your business’s advantage is ethics-related campaigns. To stand out from the crowd and reel in the support of more customers that can lead to long-term sales, you can emphasize your efforts in acting ethically towards retaining staff and paying suppliers!

3. Clearance sales: With more customers being online, there is an opportunity to cash in on increased spending power as more consumers are forced to stay home. This eventually allows them to save more money on cancelled expenses to use for other purposes. With the right clearance sale and social media strategy, you can entice more consumers to become your customers and clear out your storage in the pursuit of a bargain!


As more and more Canadian businesses continue to struggle during these dire times, you can capitalize on the opportunity of digital marketing’s impact by innovating the way you do business and connect with consumers.

Looking to capitalize on the opportunity at hand but don’t have the necessary skills to make your visions and goals happen? Seek the help of a professional digital marketing agency in Ontario amidst the COVID-19 crisis by giving us a message today to see how we can help! 

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