Web development and social media are two sides of the same marketing coin, each with their own levels of mastery and various intricacies in execution. This relationship is especially important in today’s digital age when advertising is complex, and diversifying your approach is now an absolute necessity to succeed. 

Social media has become a pervasive element in the lives of the average consumer. It now accounts for the majority of their internet activity on whatever device they might own. The online space has made the world simultaneously smaller and larger, as it is now easy to connect with the rest of the world on a grander scale

However, the internet is also incredibly competitive and unforgiving. As such, it’s important to gain a deep understanding of the many marketing disciplines that are available and how they relate to one another.

Social media has changed web development

One of the most interesting effects of social media on culture is how we interact with industry. Marketing using content, such as videos, blogs, and so on, is now common practice when it comes to promotion. As such, the goal of modern web development has changed greatly.

No longer is it enough to produce something aesthetically pleasing. It must operate efficiently, designed to guide the user as quickly as possible from being a simple website visitor to a buyer. 

Social media accounts and platforms are generally exempt from web development, as that aspect of it is left to the purview of those who provide the platform. That being said, there are still web development techniques that can be applied to your social media accounts.

The relationship between social media and content marketing

It is important to make your social media pages—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—as palatable as possible to internet users. This can be done by making each of these pages accurate representations of your brand. These social media accounts are generally used in tandem with content creation, channelled through a website or other platform.

Social media, then, acts as a funnel to a business’s main website and a way to communicate relevant information about your brand to your target market.

How does web development fit in?

One of the most curious ways web development has been applied to connect all these together is to use automated chatbots. Replies can now be tailored to answer frequently asked questions, allowing your customers access to relevant information without needing a full-time employee to handle these inquiries.

These questions can be linked directly to your website, creating a seamless experience between your social media pages and your website. 

More and more, the battleground of social media and web design is becoming a place where many disciplines intersect, as principles of colour psychology, data analysis, and many more all come together to one aim: making a sale. 

In conclusion 

As technology continues to evolve, so will the human behaviours that surround them. Web development and social media are likely to change as a result of this. As such, it is important to understand the relationship between all these aspects in order to create better marketing strategies.

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