If you value your social media marketing, you need to do what it takes to rise to the top. This means having a comprehensive plan in place and maintaining a strong branding identity. More importantly, your business needs to convey its core values to get customers to notice and care.

To help you in doing so, this article will look into the importance of value-orientedness in social media marketing and what every small business must practice. The social media market is now largely value-oriented, and conveying what your business stands for on these platforms will reward you more loyalty and, ultimately, increased sales. 

How to Provide Value on Social Media

Social media users value their time and money so much that one click or one minute of their time can define your whole business. You need to know what gets them to follow and care about what your brand is about. This will help you grow your business and secure your online presence. 

  1. Engaging

Social media is a space made for entertainment and connecting with friends and family. As engaging as users may seem on the platform, they are generally quick and precise when it comes to connecting with someone. 

As a small business, you need to take note of this when interacting with customers. You want to post content that will instantly connect them to your business. You want them to follow and engage through comments and hashtags. Being engaging means building a solid bond with your customers as they purchase your products and services. 

  1. Bold

As the small window for engagement is a norm across all social media platforms, being striking or bold will help you stand out in your niche. You want audiences to see content that will get them interested and set you apart from the other businesses they may follow. 

Being bold can also put you up against the big brands and businesses in your market. That’s because you are doing something different or better than what is currently being offered. As a small business, this can be your rise to the top of the trending page. 

  1. Time-Conscious

As bold as your content has to be, users must log in at a time that they can see and share it. Time is a big factor on social media, even if it may seem you can get lost in it. This means you want to post content that they will see on their feed at the right times, like during their lunch break or the weekend. 

Being time-conscious also means you want every minute they spend enjoying your social media content to matter. Short-form videos or videos that play for less than a minute are popular and more likely to trend. Whatever the length your videos may be, keep them entertaining and informative to stimulate your audience’s interest. 

  1. Authentic

As you spend your time on social media marketing, see it as a means to be an authentic or customer-oriented small business. This means you want to genuinely present products and services that are ingenious or creative. You want customers to keep buying and talking about your small business. 

Being authentic means that you pay extra attention to the comments section and reviews of your customers on social media. You use their feedback as valuable information to better your business. They want to see a small business with a human touch, not a cold or distant one looking simply for a cash grab. 


With the constant exchange of values in social media, invest in it today to become a competitive small business in your niche. 

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