More and more businesses are taking big steps in improving how their companies operate. In the past few years, and especially most recently, people are starting to realize the importance of online presence and effective website design.

Many don’t know that proper website design plays a huge role in the development of your business. Your website is an online version of a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Ideally, you want to make sure that your customers get exceptional user experience when visiting your site. In a traditional shop, good customer service is easier to accomplish; however, it may be more complex online. 

When developing a website, many business owners forget that it isn’t enough to look at the common factors a website needs. To help create an efficient website, you need to be aware of the mistakes many people make. In this article, we’ve created a list of common web design mistakes that you should avoid in 2020.

Forgetting to optimize the website for other devices

A website design may not always work well on different devices. This is why it is crucial to make sure that your website designer and developer optimize your website for other devices. 

Many business owners forget that most consumers are always on the go and are looking for quick ways to find products and services. Most people search for services through their mobile phones, so your website must function well on this platform.

When you have an optimized website, chances are, your search engine rankings will increase, and your customer service and online sales will, too.

Pages take forever to load

Another factor under the umbrella of optimization is the loading time of the pages on your website. When your website takes forever to load, there is a higher chance that you are pushing your customers to bounce from your website and look for a faster alternative.

As mentioned earlier, most consumers are on the go and want to receive information faster. Optimizing your website and making sure that your pages load in about 3 seconds can significantly improve user experience, which will ultimately do wonders for your sales numbers.

Insufficient contact information and social media links

One of the most critical aspects of great website design is including all the necessary contact information and social media links. 

Nowadays, people love to check out social media accounts of brands to get more information about their products and services. Incorporating social media links in your website design can help increase digital foot traffic to your social media accounts and boost your target market reach.

Neglecting website improvements and upgrades

Sadly, many business owners think that once your website is up, there is no need to tinker with it anymore. However, because technology develops quickly, and bugs and malware are more apparent, it is important to make adjustments regularly.

When you don’t maintain your website and don’t upgrade its software and codes to keep up with new technology trends, your website’s performance may decrease. When your website performs poorly, it affects your customers’ user experience and your sales and online reputation.

Ensure that you work with a digital company to get the necessary web design upgrades to ensure smooth navigation for an overall better user experience. 


Developing and creating a website is not easy at all. There are many things you want to consider and to keep in mind when creating a web design. When you remember these mistakes, you’ll be able to collaborate with a reliable website designer to build an efficient website. You’ll improve your business’s operations and give your customers an amazing user experience. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd, grow your numbers, and make your customers extremely happy. 

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